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Dr. Fondren has a special interest
in dentistry and is a member of

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technicial performing a dental procedure In a recent study it was reported that 85% of all dogs and cats over the age of 2 years have some degree of periodontal disease or gingivitis. Fondren Pet Care Center believes that good dental health is key in prevention of not only dental disease, but kidney and cardiac disease as well.

Fondren Pet Care Center has state of the art equipment, which includes dental x-ray, hi-speed drill, gum therapeutics, and advanced cardiac monitoring system. All dental cleanings are done by a Veterinary Dental Technician. We want your pet’s smile to be happy, healthy and pain-free. Please call today for your smile checkup.

Learn how to do it yourself, home care:"How to brush your pet's teeth"


dental x-ray Veterinary Dental Technician on staff

Special dental equipment
• High Speed Dental Drill
• Ultrasonic Scaler and Cavatron
• Special Dental X-ray unit


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