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Florida’s warm, humid weather can wreak havoc on your dog or cat’s skin. Fleas, allergies, and ear infections are all more prevalent in our tropical climate. We can provide the information and services you need to keep your pet looking and feeling their best, and carry a multitude of products to meet your needs.

Keeping your pet’s ears clean and pain free can be a challenging task.

dog having ear cleansing solution put in earsdog having ears cleanedRemember to always clean your pet’s ears after every bath, after swimming and for maintenance twice a week.

Treating the symptoms is often the easy part. Determining the cause of the problem requires veterinary medical skill and experience.

Itchiness may be caused by flea or food allergies, bacterial and fungal infections or a combination of the above.

Fortunately Dr. Mary C. Fondren has a special interest in dermatology. She has spent countless hours of her spare time reading, attending seminars and lectures on diseases of the skin. Much of her practice is dedicated to diagnosing and treatment of skin diseases.

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