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Laser Therapy Therapeutic Laser

reduces inflammation, pain and swelling while increasing blood flow

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Dr. Mary C. Fondren Mary Fondren, DVM

Medical Director, founder and owner Fondren Pet Care Center.
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Frontline and morter & pestal

Pharmacy Services - Our well stocked pharmacy from heart worm and flea/tick medications to having specific medications compounded for those extra special needs

Heargard, Advantage, Clavamox, Epi_otic, Rimadyl, Frontline

well stocked pharmacy shelves

Five reasons NOT to buy Heart worm or Flea & Tick medications on the Internet.

Recent television advertising makes it seem that you have to take your pet to the vet each time you want some Heartworm or Flea & Tick product.

The truth is you will need to have your pet examined at least once a year for any prescription you buy, even from Internet pharmacies. This is not only the law but it prevents exposing your pet to adverse reactions.

One advertisement asks the question: "Where do you get your pets’ flea, tick and heart worm medications?" You should be asking where does the advertiser get theirs?

The truth is they get theirs from a veterinarian too! The manufacturers Bayer (Advantage), Merial (Frontline and Heartgard) and Novartis (Interceptor) do not sell to pharmacies, only to veterinarians. As a result these Internet pharmacies must resort to the "gray market", purchasing from vets around the world, frequently the third world. Some of the product may not even be manufactured in the U.S.A. This often leads to "short dated" products, that will be expired in a relatively short time. Don't buy a years supply as it could be expired before you've used it all up.

PLEASE NOTE: The manufacturers mentioned above will not guarantee the product if you didn't purchase from a licensed veterinarian. Dr. Fondren is a licensed veterinarian and at Fondren Pet Care Center we keep only fresh product on our shelf.

PetMed Express claims to be cheaper. Not so, call or come in to check our current price list.

PetMed will deliver to your door, (for an additional $3.99 charge), we'll do the same, and no delivery charge if you pick up your meds at our office.

There, we've given you five good reasons. Exam, manufacture’s guarantee, fresh product, lower price, no delivery fee at the office. Why would you want to buy any place else? Before you place an online order call us to check the price.

Fondren Pet Care Center is a full service veterinary hospital, not a pharmacy, as such we are licensed to sell prescription products to our established medical clients.


A word or two about dispensing prescription medications

By law veterinarians may only dispense a prescription or legend drug (that is one that is labeled for use by or on the order of a veterinarian or physician) when he or she has a working knowledge of the conditions and treatment regimes of a particular patient and client. This is known as the veterinarian-client-patient relationship. This relationship is built on a simple foundation: the Physical examination. Without the examination, the veterinarian-patient-client relationship does not exist.  For further information please see Florida Statutes Chapter 466 and 474.


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