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Laser Therapy Therapeutic Laser

reduces inflammation, pain and swelling while increasing blood flow

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Dr. Mary C. Fondren Mary Fondren, DVM

Medical Director, founder and owner Fondren Pet Care Center.
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We offer the full array of surgical skills including the use of laser- to make your pet’s healing less painful
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Dr. Fondren is a member of the Veterinary Laser Surgical Society, frequently attends round table discussions at the Orlando North American Veterinary Convention, and actively utilizes her Luxar laser machine. From basic declaw surgery to more advanced procedures, Dr Fondren performs sugerylaser is a new and developing field in veterinary medicine. Laser medicine means decreased bleeding, decreased pain, and better healing.


The first step to surgery at Fondren Pet Care Center is a comprehensive medical exam and complete blood profile to evaluate your pet’s health. This allows us to tailor each procedure to your particular pet’s needs.


Some of the highlights of our surgical program are:
• Isoflurane anesthesia and the latest injectable sedatives
• Pulse oximeter to monitor oxygen and anesthesia levels during surgery
• Radio surgery to reduce bleeding
• Laser surgery to reduce bleeding, pain & recovery time
X-rays when needed and no waiting.
• Heated "V" surgery table


Ready access to board-Certified:surgery suite showing: heated v-table, anesthesia machine and surgical lights
• Cardiologists
• Neurologists
• Ophthalmologists
• Surgeons
• Radiologists
• Ultra-sonographer
• Internist




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