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Dr. Mary C. Fondren Mary Fondren, DVM

Medical Director, founder and owner Fondren Pet Care Center.
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Welcome to Fondren Pet Care Center.

The reception desk is where you will be greeted when you enter the clinic. The highly trained professional staff will be happy to answer questions, recommend products, or schedule appointments for you.


Reception Desk



exam room 1

Exam Room 1


This is our exam room, where the doctor will examine your pet and discuss any treatment plans.


The second exam room has a table that can be folded up out of the way, creating extra floor space for large dogs. Both rooms have radiograph (x-ray) viewers, and TV monitors to display informative videos on a variety of medical and behavior topics.


exam room 2

Exam Room 2



retail foods

Retail Foods


We have a large selection of prescription pet food to aid in the treatment of most medical problems. We also have an assortment of healthy treats and chews, and even homemade recipes for the pampered pet that prefers a home cooked meal.

The treatment area is where most medical and dental procedures are preformed. There are windows in the exam room doors so your pet is never out of your sight.


treatment area

Treatment Area





Adjacent to the treatment area is our laboratory, where we perform blood work, urinalysis, and intestinal parasite tests. Having the laboratory equipment onsite is especially important in emergencies, when every minute counts

Our pharmacy is stocked with medications prescribed by the veterinarian. We are proud to offer the FlavorX™ system, which allows us to flavor your pet’s medication, making life easier for you and your pet. We can also use compounding pharmacies for specialized doses and preparations.




surgery suite

Surgery Suite


Surgery is performed in our state of the art sterile surgery suite. The surgery table is heated and adjusts to cradle your pet comfortably throughout the procedure. Vital signs are continuously monitored whenever your pet is under anesthesia

Our isolation ward allows us to keep pet’s comfortable while preventing the spread of disease. The large viewing windows allow constant observation, and a separate ventilation system uses negative pressure to prevent the spread of airborne contagions.


isolation room

Isolation Room





Bath time? Our HydroSurge® bathing system gently massages your pet with therapeutic pulses of warm water and medicated shampoo, providing soothing relief for a variety of health problems.

The canine ward provides a clean, safe place for your pet while in our hospital. Medically stable pets enjoy the wards increased space and privacy, while those needing constant monitoring are kept in the treatment area. Soft blankets and mats are provided for your pet’s comfort.


canine ward

Canine Ward




The runs are constructed of comfortable fiberglass (not hard concrete) with a drain for those occasional spills. The runs are separated by fine mesh chain link and fiberglass panels.



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